Monday, February 20, 2017

Week Twenty in Review (Jan. 23 - Jan. 27)

Greetings from the music room! This was an exciting week of singing, moving, and playing instruments! Here are some of the highlights:

Kindergarten students continued to practice fast and slow movements to the songs Grandma Moses, Frog in the Meadow, and The Noble Duke of York. Students also learned a new song for fast/slow called Rig-a-jig-jig. Students walked slowly around the classroom during the first section of the song. Students moved quickly by skipping with a friend during the second section of the song. Students enjoyed walking alone and then trying to find their friend in time for the skipping section!  Students also practiced moving to the steady beat during the song The Monkey Stomps His Feet. Students tried walking, tiptoeing, marching, and even moving sideways to the steady beat.

First grade students practiced reading quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests this week. Students learned four four-beat patterns and practiced repeating each pattern. Once the students were secure in reading these rhythms, students were challenged to switch from pattern to pattern. Once students were successful, they were challenged to repeat this activity while listening to a recording of instrumental music. This proved to be quite challenging for the students, but they enjoyed trying to rise to the challenge! Students also practiced reading the rhythm of the song See Saw and learned that this song only contains two melodic notes: a high note and a low note. This song will be used to teach students about melodic notes sol and mi.

Second grade students reviewed the song Let Us Chase the Squirrel and reviewed how to create two-beat notes by tying two quarter notes together. Students were then shown that there is an easier way to draw a two beat note. Students were introduced to half notes and practiced reading half notes by performing the rhythm of Who’s That. Students also practiced playing half notes on the xylophone while singing the song Who’s That. Students were incredibly successful! Students also continued to work on playing melodic notes do mi sol and la on the xylophone. Students were given additional time to practice playing the song Apple Tree on the xylophone.

Third grade students began preparing to learn a new melodic note, low la this week. Students learned two new songs: I’m Gonna Sing and Big Fat Biscuit. Both of these songs contained the new low note. Students also enjoyed learning the game to Big Fat Biscuit. In this song, students work in groups of three to compete in a long jumping contest. Students also practiced performing quarter note, half note, and whole note pulses. Students were divided into groups and asked to create a movement for each pulse. After students had created a movement for each note value, Mrs. Aaronson played the pulses on woodblocks. Students had to listen to the pulse that was played, decide which note it was, and then perform the correct motion. Students did a terrific job with this assignment!

Fourth grade students tested for their purple belt this week. Students reviewed the form of Old MacDonald and practiced combining all four sections of the song. While students were testing they were able to play Telephone Rhythms, One-on-One, and Busted. Each of these games practices either reading rhythms or letter names on the treble clef staff. Students also learned new note C.

Fifth grade students auditioned for roles in the fifth grade musical and enjoyed watching the video Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory this week. By watching the video, students will develop a deeper understanding of the overall story that we will be telling through our musical.

Mrs. Ellis’s students practiced performing the steady beat using egg shakers while performing the song Rain, Rain. Students also continued to practice performing and telling the difference between beat and rhythm. Students practiced moving their bodies quickly and slowly to the chant Grandma Moses and the song The Noble Duke of York. Students also practiced speaking the chant Queen, Queen Caroline which will be used to practice reading quarter notes and eighth notes. Students also learned a chant called Ten Little Soldiers which will used to help the students to practice inner hearing with a steady beat and prepare them to learn about form (same/different/same).

Mrs. Ross’s students were introduced to a new melodic note this week, la. Students learned the placement of this note on melody street and practiced singing patterns with this new note. Students began learning a new song with melodic note la called Firefly. Students listened to the song while watching a short video about the synchronized fireflies that live in Elkmont, Tennessee. Students also reviewed quarter notes, eighth notes, and half notes by reviewing the rhythm to the song Down Came a Lady.

Mrs. Muller’s class expanded their knowledge of dynamics by adding pianissimo (very quiet), fortissimo (very loud), mezzo piano (medium quiet), and mezzo forte (medium loud). Students practiced matching the Italian dynamic terms to their English equivalents. Students reviewed the listening map for Slavonic Dance and examined a new map for Night Watch. Students also added their own dynamics to the song Ho Young Rider.  After adding dynamics to this song, students attempted to sing it using their chosen dynamics.

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