Monday, February 20, 2017

Week Nineteen in Review (Jan. 16 - Jan. 20)

Greetings from the music room! This was an exciting week of singing, moving, and playing instruments! Here are some of the highlights:

Kindergarten students did not have class with Mrs. Aaronson this week due to the ice day. 

First grade students reviewed the rhythm of the song Pease Porridge by writing the rhythm on individual heart charts. First, students placed quarter notes in every heart to show the steady beat. Next, students were asked to find the silent beats and replace the quarter notes in those hearts with quarter rests. Lastly, students were asked to find the hearts that contain two sounds on the beat and turn those quarter notes into eighth notes. Some students even remembered to add a repeat sign at the end of the song! 

Second grade students did not have class with Mrs. Aaronson this we as she was attending the Michigan Music Conference. Students learned a new song and game called Closet Key with a substitute teacher. This song will be used to help students learn about new melodic note ‘re’.

Third grade students did not have class with Mrs. Aaronson this week due to the ice day and her attendance at the Michigan Music Conference. While Mrs. Aaronson attended the conference, students enjoyed viewing a few scenes from the video BLAST. This video combines brass, percussion, and colorguard in a colorful musical show. 

Fourth grade students practiced their purple belt song, Old MacDonald, this week. Students analyzed the form of the song and practiced playing low Es and low Ds. Students also enjoyed reviewing the letter names of the treble clef staff by playing a PowerPoint game called Treble Treasure

Fifth grade students auditioned for roles in the fifth grade musical and enjoyed beginning the video Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory this week. By watching the video, students will develop a deeper understanding of the overall story that we will be telling through our musical.

Mrs. Ellis’s students practiced reading quarter notes while performing the song Rain, Rain. Students also practiced performing and telling the difference between beat and rhythm. Students practiced moving their bodies quickly and slowly to the chant Grandma Moses and the song The Noble Duke of York. Students also practiced speaking the chant Queen, Queen Caroline which will be used to practice reading quarter notes and eighth notes.

Mrs. Ross’s students continued to focus on melodic notes do re mi sol and the rhythm half note this week. Students learned a new song containing these elements called Down Came a Lady. Students practiced reading the melody and rhythm to this song and enjoyed playing a game to this song in which they stand up if they are wearing the color named in the song. Students also practiced reading do re mi and sol from melody flashcards. Lastly, students learned a body percussion pattern to a chant called Play in the Snow and learned a fun charades style game for this chant.

Mrs. Muller’s students began working on dynamics this week. Students learned about the dynamics piano (quiet), forte (loud), crescendo (getting louder), and decrescendo (getting quieter). Students then practiced following along with a listening map for the composition Slavonic Dance which contained all four of these dynamics. Students followed along with the map by listening for changes in dynamic (volume) and moved their finger to the next section based on what they heard. Students also reviewed instrument families and the listening map for the song Jamaican Rumba

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