4th Grade Recoder

Welcome to the 4th Grade Recorder Page!

This page will contain links to useful online recorder resources as well as tips for practicing.

Online Resources:

    • Students can practice their recorder karate songs using the accompaniment tracks found on this page. The password is rubric.
  • https://www.joytunes.com/game.php
    • This free website contains many games for learning and reviewing notes on the recorder. You will need a working computer microphone in order to play these games.

Five Steps for Successful Practicing

Fourth grade students learned a five step process for practicing the recorder. In class, we went through this process step by step and discussed how practicing in small sections and isolating problem areas leads to successful practicing. 
  1. Read the rhythm.
  2. Name the letters in rhythm.
  3. Repeat step #2 and press down fingers.
  4. Play.
  5. Locate problem areas.

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