Thursday, June 16, 2016

Week Thirty Eight in Review (June 13 - June 15)

Wow! What an unbelievable and amazing year it has been here in the music room at Loon Lake Elementary. This week the school year came to a close as students attended their final classes, finished assessments, and enjoyed learning and reviewing musical games. Below are some of the highlights:

Kindergarten students did not have class this week.

First grade students completed a rhythm reading assessment by reading quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth notes while listening to recorded music. The students' goal was to read the rhythms to the steady beat of the music. After reviewing a series of flashcards, students were given a pair of rhythm sticks and were asked to speak the rhythm while playing it on their sticks. After completing this final assessment, the student with the birthday closest to the day's date was asked to choose a game from earlier in the school year that they would enjoy playing one more time. Games included Naughty Kitty Cat, Witch, Witch, and Snail, Snail.

Second grade students did not have class this week.

Third grade students completed an assessment on form this week. Students were give a sheet containing three songs. Each song was divided into four sections. Students had to identify which sections of the song (if any) were the same and which were different. Students were then asked to label the sections with the letters A,B,C, and/or D. Students used repeated letters to show repetition and different letters to indicate a lack of repetition. Following this assessment, students reviewed the song Kingsland and its game. On the last day of class, students went outside to play this game.

Fourth grade students learned a new song and game this week, Ye Toop Doram. This song, which is sung in Farsi, is from Afghanistan. In the song's game, the class sits in a circle while one student stands in the middle of the circle. The students in the circle alternated passing the ball and rolling it on the floor. Their goal was to tap the person in the middle on the foot with the ball. If this student gets tapped, he is out. If this student does not get tapped, he gets another turn. As students improved at this game, more students were added to the center of the circle. 

Fifth grade students enjoyed playing a fun hide and seek game entitled Rabbit and the Possum. In this game, the whole class sings while two students sit back to back with their eyes closed. Another students hides a 'totally fake' forty dollar bill. At the end of the song, the two students open their eyes and race to be the first person to find the forty dollar bill. Lastly, students enjoyed reviewing the game Ye Toop Doram. Students learned this song and game earlier in the year during our rhythm unit.

 Have a wonderful summer!!

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