Monday, January 16, 2017

Week Seventeen in Review (Jan. 4 - Jan. 6)

Greetings from the music room! This was an exciting week of singing, moving, and playing instruments! Here are some of the highlights: 

Kindergarten students did not have class with Mrs. Aaronson this week due to the holiday break.

First grade students learned a new song entitled What Shall We Do When We All Go Out? In this song students pantomimed activities that they enjoy doing outside while singing the song along with piano accompaniment. Students were also able to share a favorite gift or activity from over the holiday break through a chant entitled The Holidays Are Over. After each child had a chance to share, a few of the children's gifts were listed on the board and the children figured out how to write the gift using music notes. Students then practiced reading the notes and playing the rhythm on rhythm sticks. Students also began learning a song called Pease Porridge. This song provided students with the opportunity to find quarter rests in a new song as well as a chance to create and read four-beat rhythm patterns. Students also learned about repeat signs and turned their four-beat patterns into eight-beat patterns.

Second grade students learned how to create a two-beat note this week. Students discovered that if they combined two quarter notes that they would have a note that equaled two beats. Students learned that one can draw a tie to combine two quarter notes. Students learned a new song entitled Down Came a Lady. Students used this song to play a fun game similar to Mother May I, practice their new note do, and search for two-beat notes. Lastly, students began to practice sight singing do mi sol la patterns. This means that students were given the first note for the pattern, asked to sing it in their heads, and then asked to sing it out loud. Students did an utterly amazing job at this!

Third grade students reviewed the melodic note high do this week. Students learned what this note looks like on melody street, remembered that it is a skip away from la and practiced placing the note on the treble clef staff. Students also began learning a xylophone pattern called a crossover bordun which requires students to play the note high do while crossing one hand over the other.

Fourth grade students reviewed the the song It's Raining by focusing primarily on the second half of the song. Students were reminded to practice over the weekend as they have a playing test coming up next week. Additionally, students reviewed the new note low D.

Fifth grade students were given audition packets and permission slips for the fifth grade musical Willy Wonka Kids. Students heard a synopsis of the story, were introduced to the characters in the musical, and were able to listen to a recording of the Willy Wonka Kids Finale.

Mrs. Ellis's students returned to the classroom by learning a modified version of their welcome song called It's a Brand New Year. At the end of the song, each student was able to share their favorite gift or activity from the holiday break. Students reviewed the chant I Think Clocks Are Neat and practiced drawing eight lines to the steady beat at the end of the chant. Interestingly, some students were more successful drawing the lines than performing the steady beat by clapping or patting. Lastly, students were asked to perform the steady beat while Mrs. Aaronson played the cajon drum. Sometimes Mrs. Aaronson played the steady beat and sometimes she did not play the steady beat. Students were challenged to continue to show the steady beat even if they did not hear it!

Mrs. Ross's students returned to the classroom by learning a chant called The Holidays Are Over. In this chant, students performed a body percussion pattern and were able to share their favorite gifts or activities from the holiday break. Students also practiced reading quarter notes, eighth notes, and half notes by reading the rhythm to Rocky Mountain. Next week students will practice transferring this rhythm to percussion instruments.

Mrs. Muller's students began learning about listening maps this week. Students were introduced to a piece of music by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky entitled Pictures at an Exhibition. Students learned the story behind this piece of music and its connection to art. Students then listened to a recording of the movement Promenade while following along with a listening map that showed the instrument families heard in the piece. Students were challenged to follow along with the listening map on their own and did a remarkable job!

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