Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week Sixteen in Review (Dec. 21 - Dec. 22)

Greetings from the music room! It was a short yet exciting week of singing, moving, and playing instruments! Here are some of the highlights:

Kindergarten students did not have class this week.

First grade students enjoyed moving to Trepak from The Nutcracker. Students learned a variety of movements that portrayed the music as well as the overall form of the piece. Students also explored quarter notes and eighth notes by saying the names of toys (airplane, rocking horse, and bike, toy soldier) rhythmically while playing instruments such as the tambourine, the cowbell, the woodblock, and the vibraslap. Students also reviewed a song for learning quarter rest, Naughty Kitty Cat, and its game.

Second grade students did not have class this week.

Third grade students moved to March from The Nutcracker by creating their own movements in a question and answer format. Students also reviewed new melodic note la and it's placement on the music staff. Additionally, students learned a new la song, King's Land, and its game. This song will be used to reinforce the distance (a step) between melodic notes sol and la. Students also decoded the rhythm and solfege to the song Pease Porridge. First, students were asked to put a series of four rhythm flashcards in the correct order order. Then, as a class, students discovered that the solfege for the first card was sol-mi-mi-sol. Lastly, students were asked to work with a partner to decode the solfege for the remaining three cards.

These ladies have put the rhythm flashcards in the correct order!
This group is almost finished. Only one more measure to go!

Fourth grade students reviewed the green belt song It's Raining and continued to practice new notes E and D. Students learned how to use a Chromebook in order to test for their next recorder karate belt. Tests recorded by students on the Chromebooks are able to be viewed and graded by the teacher at the end of the day. The use of the Chromebooks in this manner allows students to work at their own pace while allowing the teacher to be available to assist students who have questions or need help during class time.

Fifth grade students finished watching the musical Annie.

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