Tuesday, October 20, 2015

4th Grade Recorder Orders Begin Today!

Tuesday, October 19, 2015
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Beginning in November, 4th grade students will be learning to play the recorder in music class and participating in a program called recorder karate.  The school has purchased recorders that will be available for the students to use during the day; however students will not be able to take those recorders home with them.  If your student would like to have a recorder for practice at home, a recorder which they will be able to keep at the end of the unit, they may be ordered through the school for $3.00-$4.00. All recorders come with a vinyl storage bag, fingering chart, and cleaning rod.  The Peripole recorder is the same recorder that your student will be using in class and is a good quality recorder that your student will be able to keep for years. I have also added the option of purchasing a Canto recorder which comes in five different colors or recorder karate belts. The recorder karate belts are an optional accessory that several of the students have requested. Although they are part of the recorder karate program, they are not a necessity for at home practice.

I highly recommend purchasing a recorder, if possible, as it will allow your child the opportunity to practice at home and perform for family members.  This will greatly increase the progress that your student will be able to make in class.  Additionally, playing the recorder develops many of the skills used when playing band instruments, so this is a great intermediate step as students will have the opportunity to learn a band instrument in middle school.
If you would like to purchase a recorder, please fill out the form below, place it in an envelope, and send it back to the school along with cash or a check made payable to Loon Lake Elementary by Wednesday, October 28th.  

Mrs. Aaronson

4th Grade Recorder Order Form

Peripole Angle One-Piece Soprano Recorder (Black)…………..$3.00                              _______

Canto One-Piece Translucent Soprano Recorde…………….…..$4.00                              _______
       *Please circle the color your student would like:  Blue  Green   Purple  Red  Yellow                           
Recorder Karate Belts…............………..………………………$2.00                                 _______

Student’s Name _____________________  Parent Signature_____________________________

Student’s Classroom Teacher _______________________________________

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