Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week One in Review (Sept. 8 - Sept. 11)

Welcome back to school! This week nearly all of the K-5 students at Loon Lake were welcomed back into the music classroom! It was wonderful to meet all of the K-1 and 3-5 grade students; I look forward to meeting all 2nd grade students in week two! This past week, returning students reviewed and established procedures while reviewing musical skills from the previous year.

Kindergarten began exploring the differences between their speaking, whisper, calling, and singing voices. Students also began to learn songs and chants such as Grandma's Glasses, Grizzly Bear, and Elephants Have Wrinkles!

First grade reviewed the four voices and kept a steady beat by using their bodies and rhythm sticks.

Second grade will begin music classes in week two!

Third grade began learning an American folksong called Rocky Mountain which will help students review quarter, eighth, and half notes and melodic notes do-re-mi. Students learned about the Rocky Mountains: where they are located, how tall they are, and why they are so rocky.

The Rocky Mountains, located in the western United States, stand over 14,000 feet tall. That's over 2.5 miles above sea level!

Fourth grade and fifth grade learned an American folk song and game from Texas called Chicken on a Fence Post. Students in fourth grade are using the song to review quarter notes and eighth notes. Students in fifth grade are using the song to review quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes.

Fourth and fifth grade students located Texas, the origin of Chicken on a Fence Post, on the map.
Fifth grade students decoded the rhythm to Chicken on a Fence Post using the interactive white board.

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